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November letter

Dear everyone.
We all have limitations.
Older people feel they do not have the capacity or the energy to do as much as they used to do and have to slow down. Others have disabilities and illnesses requiring lots of rest. Those who have limited incomes may feel unable to do the things they ought to do. Others in the heyday of their working experience may feel there are not enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done.
We may have limits to the ways in which we help families and friends who live a distance away. Some may have a worrying and heavy workload, the responsibilities of caring for others may be onerous and without a break.
Limitations of all kinds can create a sense of despondency and stress. We all need ‘faith’ that help us with these times, in addition to help we require from other sources.
We have to try and avoid anxiety, but also remember that no two people’s ‘bests’ are the same. I’m reminded of this in the true story that Jesus told.
When he was sitting opposite the temple treasury in Jerusalem, people were putting money into the treasury chest. Rich people were giving large amounts. Then there came a poor widow who dropped in two tiny coins together worth a penny. He called his disciples to him and said ‘truly I tell you, this poor widow has given more than all the others. They had more than enough to live on, but she who has less than enough has given all that she had.’
In giving these two ‘widows mites’ she was giving her best according to her means, but we also have to remember that the limited amount that we can give is often of a far greater significance in our Creator’s sight than we may imagine. We are all unique, we cannot compare what we are able to do with what others do.
My hope is that all of us will find contentment when we have done best and when sometimes we feel it is very small, we must ask ourselves, who are we to judge its value?
Needless to say, we do need to examine ourselves and always seek to be doing our best. May we never tire of ‘having a go.’ If we venture in faith, somewhere along the line it is quite possible that we might come up with some pleasant surprises!
With all good wishes for the month of November.
Every blessing,

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