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December letter.

Dear everyone.
During this last week I have been for a scan, a follow-up after surgery that I received this time last year. I suspect that we all get apprehensive when it comes to medical checkups. There is a state of suspense while we wait for results which may take several weeks.
We all hope that the results will be good. Whatever is found is simply a report on what is there already! It still remains that we all tend to get rather nervous about any kind of examination, yet how valuable examinations are. The same is often true of educational examinations, although it does seem that some people have more natural ability in passing them!
Aristotle at his trial is reported to have said that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living,’ and I believe that this is true. In the Christian year, this season is known as Advent. Originally it was a period of self-examination before God so that we might be ready and better equipped for the coming of the kingdom of God which Jesus promises.
I also believe that times of examination are necessary for everybody, whatever their outlook may be. We all need to spend time looking carefully at the way that we live- that we may not be caught unawares. We all need times of testing, and none of us have a ‘clean slate’ as the saying goes, there is always something that can be done better. How disappointing it is when leading figures in society are ‘caught out’ because they have failed to respect important rules that are good and desirable for a truly healthy society. We all have to ‘watch and pray’ that we do not fall into temptation.
There is a positive side to all this however. After any kind of examination we go forward with a clearer picture of what we need to do in our lives and will be better equipped to do it. I believe that every human being has a purpose, a ‘calling’ if you like, and we should all be aiming to fulfil it.
May we all spend some time carefully working out our calling- in whatever stage of life we are. It will be well worth our while to do this, and make us more useful in the tasks that lie before us.

With all Good Wishes for the Christmas Season,followed by a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

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