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January letter

‘Come let us anew our journey pursue.’
Dear everyone,
These opening words of a Charles Wesley hymn are deeply embedded in my mind. I was a teenager when I first sang these words, and they have come to mean a lot more since then.
Life is like a journey, and from a religious point of view life is often looked upon as a pilgrimage. At the beginning of a New Year it is a common experience to go through what has happened over the last 12 months, and we soon discover things that we didn’t do very well. Sometimes we feel we did the very opposite of what we intended. We should be thankful and positive about all that, but it would be strange if we were happy with everything we did in the previous year!
It is a good thing for us all to give ourselves time for reflection, where we will learn how to ‘think slowly’ as Edward De Bono, the advocate of lateral thinking, would say. We are all people who need to take action to make the best out of our lives but at the same time carefully go through the issues that we have to face first, and we are all different. We cannot just copy anybody else, although good role models can certainly help us on our way.
It is a time of year when we ought to say ‘we will make a new beginning, a new start’, but it’s quite a good idea to think carefully what the word ‘anew’ really this means. It doesn’t only mean ‘making a fresh start’ although that is important. It is also about allowing our lives to be filled up again with new things that we require to continue progressively on life’s journey.
All of us are called upon to treasure our lives and use them to the best of our ability. It is certainly essential to live according to our faith values; but all who desire to seek the ‘greater good’ will want to live life in the best way they can.
As we wish each other ‘a happy New Year’ and encourage each other on our journey, may we also express this as a desire or prayer which embraces the needs of others. May we give our New Year greetings to every kind of person around us-the stranger, the needy both emotionally and materially-especially including those whose life-style is very different from our own.
Wishing everyone a happy New Year!
‘Come let us anew, our journey pursue! ‘

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