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February letter

February letter.
Dear everyone,
There was a fire recently at Nottingham station. I thought nothing about it until a fortnight afterwards I was travelling to North Wales for a family funeral,There was still considerable inconvenience. Some lifts were out of action or difficult to find, and it was not easy to see directions to the platforms that one needed to go to. For the senior citizens it was necessary to carry cases downstairs to the platforms, and there were many passengers with anxious looks on their faces, hoping that they would get to their trains in time.
It is believed that the fire was arson. What a lot of havoc that people with evil intentions of this kind can cause..
But recently, at the other end of the county in the Mansfield area an experience of a very different kind to place. A 93-year-old was robbed. A Police Community Support Officer was sent to see how he was getting on. Discovering that the elderly gentleman was fond of music, the police officer sat down at his piano, and played one of Chopin’s Nocturnes for him. It made the pensioners day and the story of the pleasure it gave him went viral.
Human beings are capable of doing very destructive things on one hand and showing kind gestures on the other. We should never forget this, and certainly aim to show gestures of kindness to all kinds of people. Evil actions can create great havoc, but on the other hand we never know the extent that any gesture of goodwill or concern can have too.
We also have to remember that any religious or secular belief that doesn’t have the element of kindness in it, is seriously deficient because kindness in any for of concern for others is a glue that ultimately holds society together. It is up to us all to practice kindness wherever we can.
With all good wishes and every blessing

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