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June letter

‘Royalty,Football and Creation.’

Dear everyone.
There are many vital world issues that need our prayers, and we must not neglect them. However there have been three things that have especially caught my attention during the last month.
The first is to do with royalty. I do not often follow their day-to-day activities; but the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan, now the Duchess of Sussex illustrates the wider ways in which love can cross all kinds of barriers-racial, cultural and circumstantial. Their wedding, seen by many millions on TV, shows how much royalty have moved away from conventional restrictions on the choice of partners. We all pray that their bonds of marriage may be strong,and help them to be a blessing to many people. We are already appreciatively aware of their concerns on social issues here in Nottingham.
Secondly: John Motson, ‘Motty’, has retired after 50 years as a football commentator. His enthusiastic commentaries have been a great source of entertainment to millions of people. I had the privilege of being his minister when I was in St Albans. What is not commonly known is that his father was a Methodist minister like myself. He preached his last sermon on a harvest festival Sunday in my church and John read the lesson. John’s commentating on football is going to be greatly missed.
Thirdly after a rather cold and very wet spring there is an abundance of colour in the created world around us. Because of the weather many plants have set their own agenda and there is a profusion of life in our gardens and in the countryside around us.
This profusion acts as a reminder to us that we must take care of, and understand more deeply the ecology of the created world, and worldwide we must work for the common good. Not only does this mean caring for the natural world together, but also coming to a deeper understanding of how people throughout the world can live together too.
It is good to know for example that Patriarch Bartholomew the First, the ‘green patriarch’, known by many as the leading patriarch of the Orthodox Churches, has taken up the cause of ‘caring for creation’ with great enthusiasm.
My hope is that all Christians, together with people of all faiths and outlooks will take on board this issue seriously, and pray that we may look after all the good things that God has given us in this world.

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