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July letter

Dear everyone,

Waiting to see your name to appear on the screen in a doctors waiting room can be a daunting experience but also an intriguing one. Many names, both surnames and forenames may be strange to us, often reflecting the age, and the ancestral nationality. We might also ask ourselves the question, ‘I wonder how a person with that name came to live here.’
Some names originate from various parts of the British Isles, but the scope now however is worldwide. How intriguing this is. Some might even find it frightening.
But the other day a rather unusual European name came up on the screen. To my surprise a woman I know quite well responded. I often have a chat with her. She lives nearby. I have always known her by her first name, but never known her surname .
It made me suddenly start to think quite differently about all the unusual names I had seen that morning. When we know people personally what a difference it makes!
Although there are some times difficult and puzzling issues we have to face when people come to live amongst us from other parts of the world, the hand of friendship and getting to know them as people and taking an interest in their welfare can make a tremendous difference to us all.
We all have a responsibility to create strong community life. It has to be a two-way process of course but we all have a part to play in it. Strong cultures are created by inclusiveness, and as Jesus would remind us from the Commandments and the story of the good Samaritan. ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’
Are we prepared to live up to this great ideal? The well-being of the world depends on this.
Every blessing, David.

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