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October letter

Dear everyone,
Many people are beginning to say;’let’s replace the ‘blame culture’ with an ‘encouragement culture.’.
A blame culture is negative and destructive. Innocent and often hard pressed people become very unhappy when society criticises them when they are not to really to blame.
An ‘encouragement culture’ is proactive-not just saying nothing evil but actively thinking and saying things that are good and encouraging to others: especially that they may explore new things for themselves. There is so much good advice in the words of Scripture that say ‘do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’
Culture starts in our earliest days. Good culture starts in families I believe teaching children to say thank you to those around them , but it has to go out into every avenue of life, and every part of the world. We are never too old to learn to say thank you. Thankfulness and gratitude are deeply embedded in the culture of encouragement. Where these virtues exist, and we allow them to be firmly embedded in our personalities, it is likely that we may well become happier people in ourselves
At this time of the year in the Western world there are still many who celebrate harvest time when we thank God for the harvest, but alongside the fact that we always need to remember the needy,we also say thank you to the millions of people who have been responsible for the way in which our daily supplies of food have been met. It is an extremely good practice.
A blame culture fails to recognise the simple fact that human beings are human, and when under pressure especially can fall short of the best that they would like to do and be. As we encourage others we also find the true meaning of community for everybody, for we all need to be ‘lifted up ’in the environment in which we live.
May all of us become sensitive to the ways in which we can help build an encouragement culture. We all have a part to play in it. It can be infectious and grow. We can all feel emotionally healthier as a result. The older we are the more we ought to show gratitude and thankfulness when we receive it.
May we all seek to discover ways in which we can help in the well-being of all around us. Our response toward creating positive attitudes towards those around us can be our small contribution to the well-being of our nation and even the well-being of the world.
Every blessing,
sincerely David
PS. Thanks to all who were able to support our harvest and arts and crafts festival. It all went extremely well.

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