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may letter

May letter.
Dear everyone.
Since house property repairs , much in my outhouse had to be cleaned out and thrown away. Nearly a skip load of things no longer needed had go. Many items had been kept over 20 years,things that might be useful ‘sometime’.
I decided to however keep some unused packets of seeds. Although some are several years old., I discovered that the seeds were double packed in foil so that many could still be planted.
We all need to de-clutter. Sometimes simply so that we can find things we are looking for, but we also need to de-clutter our minds too. All of us carry ‘baggage’-attitudes, prejudices, dislikes and many other things that hinder us from being the kind of people that we really ought to be; but there are some qualities and attitudes that we ought to keep. They are like seeds that have been packed away tightly and securely for a very long time, and they still need the opportunity to develop, grow and be fruitful
The ‘seeds’ of our personalities have to be cultivated, and even if some of these seeds or traits of personality have not been brought into play for a long time, they can still occupy a very significant place in our lives.
We need to explore, and at whatever age we are, set seeds for the future.
They may not all be for our benefit, perhaps for future generations, but we must always be purposeful in our living and at the very least sowing seeds for situations beyond our own. This includes caring for the natural world as well as what we might describe as the spiritual and the social needs of others.
We should all concentrate on planting seeds-that others as well as ourselves may benefit from and enjoy abundant life. We should plant seeds that give encouragement to others and help them to grow and mature.
May we all prosper by sowing seeds of hope-through our giving, through generousity of spirit, and through our prayers.
Sincerely. David.

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