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June letter

June letter.

Dear Everyone.

What surprises me is how many different forms loneliness can take. Here are just a few.

There is the loneliness of those that have no friends because they find it very difficult to make friends. For some, things have happened   which make them very nervous and not able to trust in others to build long-term relationships again. Others have lost loved ones through bereavement after being together for very long periods of time, and the very bottom has dropped out of their lives. There are those who have had painful experiences of divorce and they feel that their lives have become disoriented as a result.

Some see very few people anyway, they are tied up with work that prevents them from meeting other people with similar interests and outlooks; but there are also others who by their very make- up are quite happy at being on their own and their work brings them into contact with other people.

We are all unique but complex human beings. Our inner needs vary as much as our faces do but I also believe that we were made to give support to others, often people who are very different from ourselves who are lonely.

One of the things that is important about the teaching of Jesus is that he reminds us we need to take great care how we judge other people, in fact we should never judge them at all, because the criterion by which we judge others brings us under judgement ourselves. Jesus himself made friends with all kinds of people in such a way that he was able to help many of them who were finding it difficult to sort out their lives

We all fail in some way or another to show friendship to lonely people, and we have to take great care in our prayers and in our time of reflection that we notice those people who are in need of support in their loneliness.

In showing friendship and encouragement we may well be helping them to fulfil their role in life or even, may be, find a sense of direction for the first time.

With all good wishes,



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