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Monthly letter.July.
Dear friends.
About five years ago I was singing hymns in a worship service that I was leading and afterwards Val Machell, late co-leader of the Soundswell choir in Nottingham came up to me and said ‘I want you to join our choir, and I’m not taking no for an answer.’
This invitation could not have come at a better time.It was in the early months of my bereavement, and I soon found that I was getting a great deal of satisfaction singing music from all over the world. I still enjoy singing hymns of course. This however was a breath of fresh air, and during the holiday seasons of the year I find myself missing the uplift of regular singing and learning how to use my voice in a far better way to sing.
Singing can help us through all kinds of life experiences, sometimes helping us to express our inner feelings better, at other times taking us away from a negative thinking. Singing can be likened to a form of praying and there is the famous saying of St Augustine that the one ‘who sings prays twice!’
Does singing offer a challenge to us? I believe it does. Perhaps people don’t seem quite so much in their individual everyday activities. I believe however that many people would find more delight in life by singing more, and a good community choir, whether you can read music or not can be a great source of inspiration.
Good singing is something for us all to enjoy, and can even inspire us towards better ways of expressing life and contributing to the well-being of us all.
May we all find blessings as we sing.
With all good wishes,
Sincerely, David.

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