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August letter

August letter.
Dear everyone.
Holidays were originally ‘Holy Days.’ Frequently people went on pilgrimage to some place of special spiritual significance- like people go through France and Spain today to Santiago de Compostela, and find renewal in whatever their situation may be as a result.
For many people today a holiday is simply about going somewhere different. In retirement many people who can afford it make world tours visiting places they have never been before, to others it is simply to go somewhere like beside the seaside either still in this country or especially other parts of Europe
Others might go on artists, or music courses, walking, visiting gardens or even going on holiday to help other people have a holiday.
It needn’t be a long way away but it needs to be something that is completely different from what we are doing from day to day. There is a saying that ‘a change is as good as a rest.’ For others the element of entertainment is important or a time of celebration; but holidays sometimes should have an element of exploration or discovery about them or simply remind us that ‘variety is the spice of life.’.
We might even be in a situation where we can invite a friend who badly needs one to have a holiday with us. It is also good for us to be holiday visitors ourselves to friends who may be lonely and who are unable to visit themselves
May all of us with our different kind of holidays find that they freshen us up, inwardly renew us and so help us on our way with the tasks that lie ahead.
Wherever possible. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!
Yours sincerely,

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