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September letter

Dear everyone.
Nine years ago I had to give up cycling because of surgery, and I never got back into it. I was very fond of my cycle really because it had been given to me when I worked in the Shetland Islands by my Lerwick congregation some 30 years ago. My previous cycle had been badly corroded by the sea salt!
It was a mountain bike, and not only had it served me well in the islands but also in St Albans and here in Nottingham for about 20 years-a first class way of getting some exercise, and often meeting many people in the streets as well and having a word with them, a very valuable part of community pastoral care.
Now it was lying in the garage. I was wondering whether to sell it on eBay , but then I had a thought. Although it needed some cleaning up and minor adjustments it still looked in good working order, so I approached the headmaster of the local special needs school to see whether any students there could make good use of it. There was a positive response. He immediately had in mind a good candidate who would be given some training in cycle maintenance and given the cycle after he had completed the task.
Quite frankly I felt delighted that it could go to a ‘good home.’
Somehow I felt that the kind gesture of the Shetland folk presenting me with a cycle was being passed on to someone of a younger generation who would now make good use of it.
There used to be an old song which went ‘if you have a kindness shown, pass it on.’
Life must be full all kinds of good things that we can pass on. May we all join in the ‘succession’ of kind and generous acts as well as kind thoughts to others.
With all good wishes, sincerely, David.

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