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October letter

Dear everyone.
This month I’m breaking new ground. I’m making progress in writing a book. The idea has been simmering for a long time. There has been an element of procrastination and nervousness on my part; but several friends have expressed the view, unprompted by me, that I ought to write a book which would be an anthology based on thoughts expressed in my monthly newsletter blog.
It will require much concentrated work to prepare, and my hope is that it will be ready in the New Year, when, ‘God willing’, I celebrate during the summer the 60th year of my ordination. The title will probably be ‘In Times of Transition.’
It will cover a whole range of reflections on life both from the point of view of one’s own involvement in dementia care home, police chaplaincy, and general pastoral visiting ,but observations on living in times of great change including personal change,especially over the last nine years. Hopefully readers will find thoughts about ways in which we can be more proactively involved in society, in the environment, and discovering insights which help our spiritual needs from whatever direction we come
Many friends and relations have already offered help and advice which has been thankfully received. Your prayers would be valued in the undertaking of this venture.
With every blessing for the autumn season
Yours Sincerely,

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