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November letter

Look out for the green lights.Then go!

Dear everyone
My holiday this year was a four-day visit via Eurostar to Paris. We made good use of tourist buses that gave excellent commentaries on their tours around the city from which we learnt a great deal about Paris and its attractions. Like many tourists, we were keen to see progress that is being made on Notre Dame.
The traffic like any city was intense. Not only roads full of buses, heavy vehicles, and cars but many different kinds and shapes of motorcycles, cycles, scooters and even a few rickshaws. We had to take great care crossing roads especially waiting for the green light to show.
When crossing lights are on red, we need to remember they are not just there to let the heavier traffic through, but to protect us when we are crossing; but when they change it’s as if the ’green man’ is saying ‘now you can proceed, now you can cross.’
This can say something about life’s journey. Are we responding to the right signals to direct our lives or are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we fail to see opportunities to go forward?
May we make our responses both great and small and respond to green light opportunities. We might need to consult others to find out what is the best way to go forward, and when the opportunity comes, take it!
Look out for the green lights.Then go!
With all good wishes,

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