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December letter

Dear everyone,,
An advert on the back of a Nottingham bus said ‘travel contactless.’
I quickly realised it meant that if you travel with the right ‘app’’on your smart phone and swipe it near the travel card sensor on the bus your fare is then paid.
My mind however quickly went in a very different direction. In life we are all travelling on a journey, and on that journey none of us can travel ‘contactless.’ We need the contact, the support of other people.
We are living at a time when many have less and less close contact with other people in their daily affairs. Digitalisation has been a great boon to communications, but it means less contact is actually made directly with other human beings. People drive past our houses. A few might wave to us because they know us by sight. Families do not live close to each other. Often if we want to make a transaction by computer or phone there may be a choice of up to 10 letters or numbers that have to be pressed. Even then we cannot be guaranteed an answer by a real person. Those living on their own especially can find themselves without support in their times of need..
‘No man (or woman) is an island’ John Donne reminds us, and there is also a spiritual dimension to this as well.
An important part of the Christian message for instance, is that with the coming of Jesus into the world we are celebrating a unique way in which God himself enters into human affairs. When He comes, He is to be known by the name ‘Emmanuel’, meaning ‘God with us’, in other words ‘God in contact’ with us, strengthening us through his coming, in our journeys through life.
My hope is that we will all find on our journey, a faith that will help us, keep us in touch, and guide us- through our friendships, through the help of good people of all kinds. and through to that source of strength which is ‘beyond’ ourselves.
With all good wishes for a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year..
Yours sincerely,

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