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March letter.
Dear everyone.
Last month was for me a special celebratory one. In the year 2000, on my birthday, I was appointed as one of the chaplains to Nottinghamshire police. It is a role that I have enjoyed tremendously. Throughout my ministry I have served in many different kinds of chaplaincy work-hospitals, including psychiatric hospitals, schools, the car industry, mayor’s chaplain in St Albans, care homes, the RAF police and their dog training school and the oil industry.
When the time came for me to ‘step down’ from the responsibilities of actually being in charge of churches, the invite to become a chaplain to the police as part of an ecumenical team was a real God-send.
It is often said that the role of chaplaincy is one of ‘loitering with intent,’ but not of course with a malevolent intention! There have been many experiences over the last 20 years that have happened, in a confidential way, which I have been privileged to share in with both police and civilians who work in policing, in all kinds of traumas, life stages, and changed circumstances. Even with brief snatches of conversation with officers and people who are very busy about their work, it is surprising how much one can be involved in giving a word of encouragement, and feeling a sense of usefulness in listening to and sharing things with others.
Later in this year, all being well, I shall be celebrating the 60th anniversary of my ordination as a presbyter in the Methodist Church. There have been many challenges to face up to, but they have certainly been very fulfilling years.
I personally see ministry as a lifelong calling, but I believe for every person there is a role, a calling to fulfil. As long as we have our cognitive skills, it is important that we use them as fully as we can. We must all be willing to help others to find happiness in their lives and fulfilment in worth-while ways of life.
With all good wishes,
Sincerely David

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February letter


Dear everyone.

The first of February was a fine sunny day. I thought I will go into the garden and clean up the  leaves that have made the garden untidy since they fell in the autumn. It had been windy overnight, and lots of dead branches have been blown down from the trees, but   the wind had also blown leaves off the lawn and paths. either into neat piles, or into the borders. What a pleasant surprise!

Ecologically I’m told, untidy leaves in a garden are valuable for insect life and the protection of some plants.  You don’t always help a garden by keeping everything perfectly tidy! Leaves can be safely left for a time and some will naturally get mulched into the ground.

Quick results in any walk of life are not always the right answer.  In the parable of the wheat and tares Jesus reminds us that wheat and tares are often sown at the same time. Damage can be done to the good things that grow if we are in too much of a hurry to get things tidy and in order.It may be necessary to wait until the harvest time comes, in other words, the right moments of fruition, before the separation can take place.

There are some things of course need dealing with straight away because to act slowly would destroy things that are good, even the well being of people. Let us pray that we may all have true discernment, true wisdom and knowledge. and take great care that we do not think that everything we do should be done in a hurry!

May we all learn to be good gardeners, good carers of the universe and the people within it.

Every blessing,




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