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March Letter

Dear everyone,

Last month I felt I had ‘taken on’ more than I could cope with  and found myself  wondering whether it was all worth it.

A start had to be made, and the strange thing was that immediately, half the load seemed to shed away. Things are still behind schedule, but the process has begun, and the motivation has started to comeback.

A favourite text of scripture of mine that comes to me in low moments is from Isaiah (chapter 40vs31) which says ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, and mount up on wings as the eagle.  They shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk,and not faint.’ I find it is valuable just to recall the words, and the strength that comes from remembering them.

However there are two other things we need to remember. Here in England the nights are starting to get lighter, the days warmer. We also get encouragement and renewal from the natural world as we see nature coming to life again.

May we look carefully at the things that motivate us, use all the gifts God has given us to bring about ‘renewal of life and experience’ , and  share with others things which can give them encouragement– especially in their low moments, and times of need.

May we all find Lent a time of renewal and hope.


Thank you everyone for your Greetings on my 80th birthday. It was a very happy celebration. D.

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