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April letter.

April letter.
Dear Everyone.
Recently I met two neighbours who were just going out for a walk round the local park. It was a nice sunny day, and good to see the arrival of spring. They were looking forward to their stroll.
Many people are not able to get out, mix with other people and enjoy stimulating things outside. However whether we are ‘home’bound or not, we are all on a journey which is shaped by our experiences along the way of life. Even if we are not strong physically we are mentally involved in travelling along on that journey but they are not always easy.
The Jews under Moses spent 40 years journeying in the wilderness going through hard and unsettled times in order to find a better place to live. We are reminded of this in the hymn ‘guide me O thou great Jehovah, pilgrims through this barren land.’
At present as a country we are going through a journey of political uncertainty too. Our prayer is that as a country and as individuals we will work for things that will be for the good of all- world wide as well as locally as well as in our own experiences of life.
The big question however that faces us, both as a nation and as individuals is this. Are we able to journey through life with faith, hope and love in our hearts? Whilst there are not simple answers to life’s questions, it is a tremendous help if we can believe that underneath all life’s difficulties there is a faith by which we can live. St Paul saw the importance of this and said that ‘there are three things that last for ever-faith hope and love, and the greatest of these is love’, and love is at the centre of the first commandment which is the greatest of them all-to love God and our neighbours as ourselves.
May all ‘barren’ areas of our lives and in society be blessed during this period of Lent by new insights that will help us all on our journey.
With all good wishes for a VERY HAPPY EASTER.,
Sincerely, David.

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