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October letter

Dear friends,
Like Topsy in ‘Uncle Tom’s cabin’ this monthly letter, has ‘just grown.’
It started off like a church pastoral letter, and mainly went to people in many different parts of the British Isles where I have served in ministry. Now it goes into many other walks of life even world wide: friends of long-standing and more recent ones, people in leadership roles, in policing, church life, education, health and care homes, those who join in ‘prayers @ 12’ and also a very considerable number of friends who are having to get adjusted to living on their own.
Social media can give us a platform of our own choosing.
We must never think of it only being used by those who want to stir up strife and hatred in the world. Its easy availability does have its dangers, but it can be a tremendous force for creating a sense of community, cohesion, the Fellowship of like minds, and ‘the common good.’ This is exciting, it’s demanding. It is also a responsibility.
How important it is that as we participate we express the truth as accurately as we can about life’s issues. St Matthew’s Gospel says that in situations when a lot depends on what you say; ‘Let your yes be yes and you’re no be no!’ says Jesus. This is a tall older!
We can overload people with words. Just a few can be far more effective. We suffer from information overload. The time saved could well be put to more creative use, a few chosen words can be the means whereby we show compassion, and a way of making life more enjoyable for all!
Let us thank God for the many ways in which useful information and ideas can be conveyed to others today They can be a means of giving pleasure to large numbers of people: and not simply as a ‘tower of Babel’ adding confusion and distress in the world.
Let us also pray that we will all use words wisely, sensitively, and for the building up of others in their needs as well as our own.
Wishing you blessings ‘beyond words!’
Sincerely, David.

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September Letter

Dear everyone,
In less than a fortnight’s time, we are trying out what for us is a new venture. Alongside the harvest festival at Mapperley Methodist Church, we are organising a ‘FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS.’ This is a project to open up our church buildings more to the community around us, and we are inviting people to bring along their paintings, drawings and other things that they have made to put on show for other people to see.
We need suitable panels on which to display works of art. We are also rather short of helpers and any offers of help will be greatly appreciated.
There is a sense in which this is a venture of faith which will take place at a time when we thank God for all that we have received, and pray for those who produce it. Needless to say all the foodstuffs provided will go to people who need it. Will a Festival of the Arts work? Will people support it? We hope and pray that there will be a good response.
‘Ventures in faith’ however are not limited to things that go on in churches. In work, in good neighbourliness amongst all people we meet, and also in our personal lives we all have to make steps into the unknown. In these times of rapid change, we are called upon to trust in the unchanging nature of God. We all need an anchor to give us stability in uncertain times. We are not always successful at our first attempts at improving situations but we are given new insights I believe, into the way that we should go.
Life for us all is a challenge, and it simply withers away if we never do things that seem, even just a little beyond us!
May we all be prepared to make responses to the challenges we face, and may we find blessings in every new and worthy venture we undertake.
PS. The ‘FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS’ will take place at Mapperley Methodist Church at the following times. Saturday the 16th from 10 AM to 4 PM., Sunday from 12:30 AM till 5 PM. Monday from 10 AM to 4 PM and Tuesday from 10 AM till 12:30 PM.
Please come if you possibly can. If you come on Sunday our harvest festival services are 10:45 AM when the preacher will be the Rev Moses Agyam with Holy Communion at 6:30 PM the Rev Paul Worsnop.

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