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August Letter

August letter
Dear Everyone.
There is a famous saying of John Wesley that says: ‘Lord, may I not live to be useless.’
John Wesley was a very industrious person as well as being someone who stirred people into a genuine, healthy and enthusiastic sense of serving God in the world by encouraging them to follow Jesus, and serving his fellow men and women.
I think however it is also important to recognise that he did not pray. ‘May I always be busy!’
It is valuable, of course, that we do live our lives in as fruitful a way as possible; but just think of the consequences of being busy without any real thought of why we’re busy!
There are sometimes when we just have to take stock, rest, and reflect. One ancient philosopher once said, ‘beware of the barrenness of a busy life.’
Busyness can easily become a kind of ego trip. It can sometimes ruin other people’s work. By our talking about what we can do, we can easily lose our sense of working as a team. Teamwork is extremely important in every kind of activity that is working for the common good.
I strongly believe that everyone of us have some kind of calling in life. It may be a particular attitude that we possess in being able to do things quietly, and supporting others in doing their tasks. The role that we have to fulfil may not necessarily spring from a highly specialised professional role. Others may not even be aware of the particular calling that we have.
From a Christian point of view, from many other aspects of faith, and attempting to be fully human, we take on a ‘servant role’ which can give us a tremendous sense of freedom, because when we discover what our real identity is, we will keep well clear of trying to be imitators of so-called successful people. What is important for us all is that we should be working out in our own unique way through prayer, meditation, and careful reflection, what our Creator wants us to be.
May we all discover what our ‘useful role’ really is alongside those pleasures and activities that we enjoy as leisure, and find fulfillment in them.
The way of discovery, I believe is an ongoing process-from now unto eternity!
Every blessing,

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