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February letter

Dear everyone.
As we get older it is surprising how things our parents said to us as children come back into our minds. One came into my mind today. ‘Look where you are going.’
We need to look where we are going, both in the things that we our doing and in the things that we are facing. Our lives all need a sense of watchfulness about them. Never has there been a greater need for people to pray and to think carefully about how we are living, how we are affecting each other, and how we are looking after the world and its resources. We need to keep our eyes open to all these issues.
We must look beyond fake news and destructive hidden agendas; but we must also look out for signs of positively good things happening in the world and encourage them to grow.
When Jesus tells us to pray ‘give us this day our daily bread,’ we are not only to make a request for nutritional body support, but for all the other things that enable us to exist, accepting each day’s ‘diet’ as it comes , ‘watching where we are going,’ and accepting the good things thankfully that we are given as we travel along life’s journey.
We can easily be overcome by the negatives presented to us, but each day also has opportunities to enable us to live together better than we’ve ever done before. We must remember that there is The Spirit at work in the world too: waiting to show humankind the way to abundant life.
John Bunyan in his hymn written in the 17th century entitled ‘who would have true valour see’, there are some words in it which seem appropriate to the age in which we live. He writes:
‘who so beset him round with dismal stories, do but themselves confound; his strength the more is.
No lion can him fright; he’ll with a giant fight; but he will have a right to be a pilgrim.’
Let us all ‘watch where we are going’, and go forward, challenging the inferior things that go on and accepting all the good things that we are given to share with others in faith -a day at a time.
With all good wishes,

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